mBL Prototype Quick User Guide

This page covers the basic functions and content in the myBibleLesson prototype. If you have more questions, please check our list of frequently asked questions, contact us at 617-450-2000, or email us at contact@mybiblelesson.com.

Bible Dives

When you see a square “B” icon, tap it to find information on the passage from the Bible above it.


Whenever you see one or two words in blue font, just tap to bring up a definition. Tap again anywhere to make the definition disappear.

Citation reference links

Tap on any citation reference line (like “Isaiah 40:28, 29” for citation 1) to read the citation in context from Concord Express.


There are a few different images and illustrations throughout the myBibleLesson prototype. Tap one to see a high-resolution version. Press and hold on the image on a smartphone or tablet to save or share it with the options on your device.

Settings menu (top-left corner)

“My Account / Log out” — These don’t do anything yet. This is just what it might look like if this wasn’t a prototype.

Font size — The three A’s represent small, medium, and large font sizes from which you may choose. Just tap one and see if the Bible Lesson text size is right for you.

Color palettes — There are four different color styles available. Just tap one and see what changes.

Lesson format — The text of the Bible Lesson always stays the same, but there are three ways to view additional content:

  • In “Lesson Only” mode, all the additional content and icons are hidden so only the text of the Bible Lesson is displayed.
  • In “Collapsed,” all the icons will be visible, but they must be tapped to reveal their content.
  • In “Expanded,” all the additional content is immediately visible.

Lesson Only

The “Lesson Only” button allows you to quickly show or hide the non-lesson content (Bible information, alternate translations, and illustrations). If you wish to see only the text from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, tap the button to “On.” This will hide the non-lesson content, although word definitions will still be available. Tap it again to “Off,” and the non-lesson content will reappear.

Navigation menu (top-right corner)

If you tap the section navigation text in the top-right corner, you can quickly jump to a specific spot in the lesson. This is great for returning to where you left off or getting back to an idea you found earlier.

Downloading and printing

To download and print a PDF of this myBibleLesson, tap “Menu” in the top-left corner of the screen, then tap “Download PDF.”